Painted Furniture--Many examples Painted Furniture--Many examples Bathroom Makeover- painted old maple vanity, new granite counter and fixtures. A metallic silver glaze to high light areas 54998435 Custom built cabinet hand painted design by Diane 57532661 close up on top 57532663 close up bottom 57532662 handpainted cabinet 57532664 antique dresser- inspiration for the Jack and the Beanstalk Mural 54997636 54997639 head board and foot board 57543596 Antique Bench A view from Lisa front yard- this is a "Orchards Golf Course" in South Hadley MA, the 18th hole 70752521 the club house 70752522 the 18th hole, in a fall setting, with a hot air balloon 70752523 Monica's Florida room Painted furniture- diningroom table, buffet and mirror to match the same pattern on the curtains 59786622 59786623 attention to detail on the table legs 59786625 buffet 59786628 75613410 75613411 side of the buffet 59786624 Renewed Hutch Cabinet Painted red and antiqued with black 98185455 Close-up on cabinet door 98185456 vanity 75617751 180545274 little table for little girl complete with painted chair to match rose design 54997640 Personalized with Katie's name 54997641 garden bench 75617855 cedar waxwing chair 54997651 54997652 lilac mirror 54997653 fireplace screen 54997654 chair with telephone table 54997655 54997656 75617853 My old painting cabinet in my art studio that holds hundreds of paints 75617856 Painted for the Shriners 75617854