Custom Painting by Diane McCarthy

Murals, Faux Finishes, Painted Furniture, Historical Stencil Restoration,
Commision Artwork


About me

I have always loved being creative with paint and other media. One thing I especially enjoy about creating commisioned artwork for people is I can paint what they have in mind, everyone has different ideas, a different size space, I never know what people will ask--and I can fulfill their expectations for their space, even exceed their expectations.  I love what I do, and I will always find a way to bring my clients ideas to life on their walls.

The first mural I painted  was a chameleon for a boys bathroom. I submitted a picture to a magazine  (Creative Home Arts) and won a cash award and was published in their Annual Painting contest. I was chosen  from over a thousand contestants who applied.  It is then that I decided to become a muralist, and put myself out there with a little more confidence. It was a great honor, and wanted to share with people what I can do.

Recently I was asked to restore Historical stencils (from 1750-1830) in a home over 200 years old. I researched techniques of that time, recreating stencils by cutting Mylar with a exacto knife, color matching the specific shades of those times, recreating the damaged walls to freshen up but also keeping with the aged look. I also faux finished the woodwork in the room from painted wood work to aged wood graining.  This complete with faux marbling in the fireplace restored the room to it former glory. The clients were thrilled the results and  we continued to restore their homes most important rooms, including stencils, faux finishes on ceilings and furniture.

Many of my clients commissioned me to paint  their children's rooms. For example I have painted  Thomas the Train, Cinderella, Flowers and Fairies, Butterflies, and Sports Themes. Some of the main living areas I have painted include Tuscan Murals, Beach Themes, Colorado Rockies, Fishing Themes and Asian theme.  

Faux Finishes are a great way of adding a subtle change out of the ordinary to your home.  I have many favorites, but one of my favorites is a wash of blues and greens and I add metallic glaze in random strokes to signify water. I have  a lot of examples and various tools to give you a great end result.  Some of my finishes include- sandstone, candlelight, leather, tea stain, the woolie, stripes, harlequins, old world, Tuscan and glazing. and  all over wall stencils. 

 I accept work on commission for Furniture, Custom Signs for Homes or Businesses and also Pet Portraits, House Portraits, and any other paintable ideas you may have.